my story

I create things because it brings me to life.  I do not approach a creative activity with utilitarian force: rather with the purpose of bringing to fruition that which dwells within my heart and mind.  Although I often have a plan or inspiration for a piece, I try very hard to detach myself and my ego from the outcome.  I strive to surrender to the process and to the materials by letting them take the lead.  Quieting my voice and witnessing the miracle of what happens when creative intuition takes over: this is art.  

As far back as I can remember, I had a crayon, pencil or some sort of medium in my hand.  My mother said that “Some people are born to make the world a more beautiful place”.  I never decided to be an artist... I just was.  I am an Idaho native buthave lived in Spokane for 20 years.  I studied Fine Art at Boise State University and I recall my painting professor saying to me “Christy, you need to find out what your thing is”.  I had no idea what my thing was, but I did know that I needed to paint large.  Even back then, scale was very important to me.  The bigger the better. 

I have spent the last 18 years of my life caring for my best works of art, my children.  I found ways to be creative through interior design, volunteering & cooking.  As my children grew and became more independent, I found my way back to my art.  But always looming in the back of my mind, was that question..”what is my thing?”.

It was either pure accident, or divine design that I stumbled upon encaustic art one day in April of 2013.  I knew the very minute that I saw the artist melting huge chunks of wax with a strange tree resin that I had finally found the medium that would change my artistic direction.  I knew that I needed to paint in large format, but I didn't know how, or what to paint.  Upon discovery of this new, yet very old method of painting, I knew that I had to learn everything I could about it, right away.  I spent my entire mixed media commission to set up my studio.  I ordered wax, demar resin & a tac iron. I scoured the town for tools, hot plates, torches and containers.  While I waited for my supplies to arrive, I devoured books, videos, webcasts...anything I could get my hands on. These pages are the results of my work.  I have so much more to learn and explore.  As I work (and sleep) the ideas and possibilities come flooding in faster than I can paint.  My world has never felt more right.  I am truly blessed to have finally found my thing.